KitchenSync Release Notes: Managing Tips

KitchenSync Release Notes: Managing Tips

We released yet another update to KitchenSync today with a handful of bug fixes and a couple of minor interface changes that you should be aware of. Read on for more details about the most prominent change:


To simplify the treatment of tips in KitchenSync's payroll module, we scrapped the fields for 'Cash Tips' and 'Credit Card Tips' and replaced them with 'Payroll Tips' and 'Paid Out Tips'.

Starting today, be sure to enter the total of all tips already paid out to employees in cash in the 'Paid Out Tips' field. These tips will NOT be added to the employees' paychecks, but will be considered for tax purposes. Enter all tips that SHOULD BE paid out on the payroll checks into the 'Payroll Tips' field.

Note: Our account managers have already mapped your cash tips, credit card tips, and declared tips from your POS to the new KitchenSync payroll fields for automatic population.

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