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KitchenSync Release Notes: Payroll Upgrades

KitchenSync Release Notes: Payroll Upgrades

Today’s KitchenSync release contains a couple of new features to make our payroll module easier to use and an update to get single-sign-on to working again. 


We have streamlined the process for entering new employees by introducing the first version of our 'New Employee Wizard'. When you select New Employee from any screen in the payroll module, KitchenSync will walk you through a quick process to capture all of the necessary information and to ensure that your POS timecard is appropriately mapped.

This is just one step that we are taking toward making employee management more efficient in KitchenSync. Our team is hard at work exploring employee self-onboarding and other time-saving features that we hope to introduce soon.

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For restaurants that pool tips outside of KitchenSync and enter them once per pay period, we have added a Clear Tips button to the Employee Tips screen. Hitting this button will give you a clean slate to enter the results of your employee tip pool.

Don't forget... You have the ability avoid data entry altogether by exporting approved hours from KitchenSync and importing the results of your tip pool directly. If you need help setting up your tip pool spreadsheet for importing and exporting, just reply to this email with your tip sheet attached and our support team will help you out.

Over the coming months, we will also be starting development on an automated tip pooling feature to make payroll even faster.

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We have finished the re-integration of with KitchenSync to allow users to access vendor invoices directly from the Applications Tab without a second set of credentials. The mobile app still requires a direct login, which we are happy to provide to your team upon request.

Let us know what you think! What feature do you want to see in KitchenSync?

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