What's new in KitchenSync? April 2017 Release - KitchenSync

What’s new in KitchenSync? April 2017 Release

What’s new in KitchenSync? April 2017 Release

KitchenSync is constantly being updated, improved, and tweaked based on feedback from customers like you. This post details all of the recent feature additions and changes.

Simpler financial statement exports – We cleaned up the Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, and Statement of Cash Flows exports (PDF & excel) to give them a more modern look and make them easier to read. Check out the new formatting by clicking the rightward facing arrow at the top of each report. Note that the exports will automatically save to your ‘downloads’ folder.

Performance upgrades to new ‘Purchase History’ report – Our new Purchase History report, which details all of your line item purchase data by product, purchase date, vendor, invoice, etc., was loading slowly because of the amount of data being pushed to the interface all at one time. To improve load times, purchase data now loads in pages. Use the dropdown to set the number of items to be displayed on each page.

Improved date filtering for ‘Sales by Menu Category’ and ‘Sales by Revenue Center’ reports – These reports, which used to be limited to displaying only two weeks of data at once, have gotten a major upgrade, allowing users to quickly visualize data for any flexible date range and several pre-set date filters.