KitchenSync: Online bookkeeping and payroll for restaurants

Get your financial statements, payroll,

and daily performance reports done for you

Restaurant Bookkeeping

  • Dedicated bookkeeping team for your restaurant(s)
  • Month-to-month charges less than an internal bookkeeper
  • Highly-trained on industry best practices and benchmarks
  • Online reports updated daily

Restaurant Payroll

  • Lowest processing fees guaranteed
  • Complete automation from clock-in to paycheck. No data entry!
  • Local, state, and federal compliance guaranteed
  • Detailed labor expense reporting by day
  • On-demand human resources support available

Invoice Management

  • Scanned invoices coded for you and added to reports daily
  • Missing bills and credits identified and requested from vendors
  • Dedicated line for vendor payment inquiries. No collection calls!
  • Line item pricing tracked and monitored
  • Mobile app for approvals and one-click vendor payments
  • Dedicated account managers trained to assist with cash flow management

Reporting & Benchmarking

  • One platform for point-of-sale, payroll, and expense reporting
  • Integrations and data sets fully managed for you
  • Information updated and validated in real-time
  • Online and mobile access
  • Benchmark performance against local averages
  • Visualizations highlight potential areas of concern
  • Keep your whole team in the loop with custom permissions
KitchenSync laptop-dashboard-675x375 Online bookkeeping and payroll for restaurants

We’ll use your upgraded reporting to

proactively find you thousands in savings

KitchenSync Price-Tracking Online bookkeeping and payroll for restaurants

Ingredient Price Tracking

KitchenSync automatically tracks your pricing on individual line items over time, notifying you of harmful pricing trends so you can quickly make menu changes or switch suppliers before its too late.
KitchenSync Sourcing Online bookkeeping and payroll for restaurants

Exclusive Discounts

By leveraging the purchasing power of our entire client base, KitchenSync negotiates with our clients’ favorite suppliers to offer exclusive discounts on everything needed to run a restaurant from point-of-sale systems to the highest quality farm-fresh ingredients.
KitchenSync Menu-Costing Online bookkeeping and payroll for restaurants

Purchasing Analysis

KitchenSync proactively compares your pricing on every purchase with exclusive offers from qualified local and regional suppliers, helping you identify savings opportunities with zero effort.

Ready to get back office work off your plate for good?

KitchenSync Features

Seamless Point-of-Sale Integration

Overnight Invoice Coding

Daily Labor Cost Tracking

Weekly Prime Cost Reporting

Real-time Banking and Credit Card Integration

Up-to-Date Financial Statements

Inventory and Payroll Automation

Unlimited, Live Customer Support

Meet your dedicated back office team today

and operate your restaurant smarter tomorrow.